Circolo Madolinistico

Who and where we are


The Circolo Mandolinistico Risveglio was born back in the 1923, October 1st, in a period thriving of mandolin associations. Those days nine mandolin associations were present only in Genoa (Italy). At present, the Risveglio is the only one still in activity.
The association seat is located in Genoa- Sampierdarena, Via Paolo Reti 25a, 16100 Genoa - Italy.
The association activity is planned and managed by a direction board, presently formed by five members charged with the following positions:


In the municipal building in Genoa-Sampierdarena are located the association Secretary, the hall for the orchestra rehearsals, the  music school facilities and the historical musical archive "Arnaldo Tegoni", together with a collection of ancient instruments.

Donatella Dentico


Silvio Maggiolo

Vice President

Fabio Di Stasio

Secretary and terasurer

Vera Moreno

Public relations

Edoardo Tartacca